About the therapist

Who am I?

Dance movement therapist

Special needs teacher

Solution focused coach

Yoga instructor

Hello, my name is Meri. I'm a dance movement therapist, special needs teacher and solution oriented coach. Through dance and yoga, I've experienced first hand the importance of embodiment to mental and somatic well-being. My love for dance and theatre led me to study performing arts in the UK. There I first encountered creative and embodied therapeutic work. I graduated from the Masters in Arts Therapies programme at Codarts Arts University in 2019. For my dissertation I researched the significance of a safe space in therapy. I've been working with children with special needs and clients with eating disorders, as well as with other client groups. In 2020, I returned to Finland to teach students with autism. I've completed the training on dance movement therapy as a group intervention for clients with depression organised by the Finnish dance therapy association. In 2022, I began my training to become a solution focused coach specialising in clients with neuropsychiatric symptoms.

I work from a client-centred perspective since I believe the client is the expert of their own life. A safe space is important in therapy because it enables even the most difficult subjects to be dealt with in a compassionate and accepting atmosphere. With young clients I work closely together with the family. Besides dance and movement, I also use other means of self expression that suit the client's needs and character, such as writing and visual arts.