Solution-focused coaching

Finnish lapphund, Ruska
Finnish lapphund, Ruska

What is neuropsychiatric coaching?

Clients with neuropsychiatric diagnosis or symptoms, such as ASD, Tourette's syndrome, AD(H)D and sensory hyper-sensitivities, may benefit from client-centred, solution-focused and practical coaching. Together the client and coach formulate challenges the client faces in daily life, and goals that support the client's quality of life and overall well being.

Who is neuropsychiatric coaching for?

Coaching may be an appropriate working method when there is a need for practical support in daily life rather than deeper therapeutic processing. It is suitable for anyone who has the motivation to work on life's challenges and personal growth, with or without neuropsychiatric diagnosis or symptoms. The coaching trajectory is based on each client's individual needs and includes assessment during and after the coaching process. Formulation of personal, achievable goals to meet the client's needs is essential in coaching. Children, young people, adults, families and couples may benefit from coaching.

Animal assisted, nature based neuropsychiatric coaching

Tunne keho mieli - therapy offers animal assisted coaching. Ruska, a Finnish lapphund female born on 13/8/2021, is assistant to the coach during some sessions, when appropriate to the client's needs and the course of the coaching. Ruska is calm, emotionally sensitive and friendly. She brings her enthusiasm as well as her calming and grounding presence to the sessions. The presence of the dog is agreed on together with the client if it is considered to support the client's process. 

Coaching can take place online, at the practice, the client's home or while moving outside in nature. Being in nature has been shown to calm down the nervous system making it easier to be present and process even more difficult topics.